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Unified packages.

Hi all, 
Just a few things to get the ball rolling.

(I cc'd turan@obsd and espie@obsd because they aren't on the list yet and
I don't want them to miss anything until they get a chance to subscribe).  

Project goals:

  To create a BSD Licensed Package Source collection that
  is as secure as possible, runs on all BSD variants and in a way that
doesn't interfere with the goals of the individual BSD projects.

Main Issues:
    The project should enable a security audit of all BSD projects and be
secure by default.  The user should be prompted that the application they
are wanting to install has not been audited by the security team.  A
setting should be available if they don't want to run at that secure

    The BSD package source collection needs to run on all BSD OSes and on
all platforms.  

    Existing functionality in each of the current BSD ports/pkgsrc
collections should be examined and brought in to this project as
appropriate.  (There are competant people from each group on this list
that can make this happen)

Domain Name:
  Currently we have available: bsdports.org , bsdpackages.org, and
  We need to make a decision on what to officially call this project and
what domain to use and promote.

Decision making:
  This group will make the decisions on how the project functions.  I
think we need to elect a Chief Architect to make final decisions if there
is a dispute.  However, the decision making process needs to be
unanimously decided amongst ourselves so there is no arguing or confusion.

This should be enough to get discussion started.  


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