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Re: Unified packages.

On 2000-08-19 14:18 +1200, Dan Langille <dan@langille.org> wrote:
> On 18 Aug 2000, at 22:14, Chris Coleman wrote:
> > Domain Name:
> >   Currently we have available: bsdports.org , bsdpackages.org, and
> > openpackages.org
> Are we [primarily] creating ports?  If so, bsdports.
> Are we [primarily] creating packages?  If so, bsdpackages.

I believe that "ports" for the application structures is a 
misnomer.  Whether binary or source, the app is packaged for 
the OS.  Calling them "packages" cleans up the namespace for
the OS ports themselves (Alpha, i386, Dreamcast...).  So in
answer to your question, we're creating packages, not ports.
> As far as openpackages goes, are they open?  Or only for BSD?

They will have to be designed and intended for BSD as a start; 
otherwise we'll never get this project off the ground.  Adding,
say, a Linux distro to the mix would probably kill it 
immediately.  That said, there is nothing preventing this from
becoming an open package structure!  Let's just take one step
at a time, to ensure that we actually arrive at our destination.

Gregory S. Sutter                                    Fnord.
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