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Re: Unified packages.

Gregory Sutter <gsutter@zer0.org> wrote:
>On 2000-08-19 14:18 +1200, Dan Langille <dan@langille.org> wrote:
>> As far as openpackages goes, are they open?  Or only for BSD?
>They will have to be designed and intended for BSD as a start; 
>otherwise we'll never get this project off the ground.  Adding,
>say, a Linux distro to the mix would probably kill it 
>immediately.  That said, there is nothing preventing this from
>becoming an open package structure!  Let's just take one step
>at a time, to ensure that we actually arrive at our destination.

All said, my vote is for bsdports.org.  I think it has the best ring to it.  Also I think there are strong associations with the word ports ("I'm going to download the port tree and do a make world").

I'm also in complete agreement that we should keep our focus on the Open Source BSD world and try to stay away from the usual linux sillyness.


ps belonging to a bsd list I'd better get rid of this linuxstart address. ;-)
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