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Re: Unified packages.

On 2000-08-18 23:05 -0400, proof-1 <proof-1@linuxstart.com> wrote:
> Gregory Sutter <gsutter@zer0.org> wrote:
> >On 2000-08-19 14:18 +1200, Dan Langille <dan@langille.org> wrote:
> >> As far as openpackages goes, are they open?  Or only for BSD?
> >
> >They will have to be designed and intended for BSD as a start; 
> >otherwise we'll never get this project off the ground.  Adding,
> >say, a Linux distro to the mix would probably kill it 
> >immediately.  That said, there is nothing preventing this from
> >becoming an open package structure!  Let's just take one step
> >at a time, to ensure that we actually arrive at our destination.
>All said, my vote is for bsdports.org. I think it has the best ring
>to it. Also I think there are strong associations with the word ports
>("I'm going to download the port tree and do a make world").

There are associations--in the FreeBSD world.  NetBSD already
correctly uses the word ports for the different architectures,
just as I said before.  If this is to be a total BSD effort,
we have to start out on the right foot.  Using a more accurate
name, rather than ignoring BSDs other than FreeBSD, sounds like
a win to me.  My O of course.

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