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Re: Unified packages.

wow.  a naming conflaguration.  it's been, like, years, man.

> Mmm, being driven by marketing... 

this, i like.  bsd ignoring its audience and considering its usability
to be self-evident were how we blew a 15-year lead and let linux take
over.  however:

> Not that I think it's important at this stage, but why not use something
> totally different, like Piece Of Software (pios), Program (prg or pgm), ...? 
> After all, we will do something (well, more or less) totally different.

i have to agree with this, too.  many names have been used, all with problems:

packages	...of what? sounds like a new name for zipball or tarball.
ports		you mean like COM1?  or the INB/OUTB kind?  or vax vs m68k?
apps		doesn't sound like a place you'd find libraries
local		it's not, it's imported, just not from the system vendor

at DEC in 1992, we called the freeware collection "Good Stuff".  no lie.

jordan called it /usr/ports in freebsd because he saw himself porting other
people's software to the freebsd API.  in other words, his name for the result
was the name of the kind of work he did to create the initial result.

netware and unixware have been used (badly).  bsdware?

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