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Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

What about this theme.

Universal Package Collection (UPC)

The mascot would be a Daemon putting UPC labels on packages.

Binary packages would be named with a standard naming convention.


ie, mozilla-M17.i386.Openbsd27.upc

That way binaries are easily recoginized.

This would allow us to port to any platform any operating system.

For starters, 5 Operating Systems, 17 Platforms, One Source Tree.
  (FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSD/OS, OpenBSD, Darwin, and all the currently
supported NetBSD platforms.)

This could be hosted at OpenPackages.org.

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> wow.  a naming conflaguration.  it's been, like, years, man.
> > Mmm, being driven by marketing... 
> this, i like.  bsd ignoring its audience and considering its usability
> to be self-evident were how we blew a 15-year lead and let linux take
> over.  however:
> > Not that I think it's important at this stage, but why not use something
> > totally different, like Piece Of Software (pios), Program (prg or pgm), ...? 
> > After all, we will do something (well, more or less) totally different.
> i have to agree with this, too.  many names have been used, all with problems:
> packages	...of what? sounds like a new name for zipball or tarball.
> ports		you mean like COM1?  or the INB/OUTB kind?  or vax vs m68k?
> apps		doesn't sound like a place you'd find libraries
> local		it's not, it's imported, just not from the system vendor
> at DEC in 1992, we called the freeware collection "Good Stuff".  no lie.
> jordan called it /usr/ports in freebsd because he saw himself porting other
> people's software to the freebsd API.  in other words, his name for the result
> was the name of the kind of work he did to create the initial result.
> netware and unixware have been used (badly).  bsdware?
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