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Release schedules (Re: Unified packages.)

The subject of release schedules was brought up previous to this forum.
Each BSD will need to have a stable Ports/PKGSRC collection available at
release time for that OS and this has caused much of the keeping of
separate copies of the collections.

 I have a couple of ideas.

Each BSD could have a cvs checkout on its site that it uses to build its
ports/pkgsrc tree for inclusion with the OS release.

A buildserver could compile each package and mark it as working,  each day
the list of working packages could have a cvs update run in the
directory.  That would insure a functional package source tree for
distribution with the OS.  

If they were in code freeze, the cvs updates would be all that has to be
stopped to freeze the local copy.

Each BSD could maintain this local cvs checkout to keep their needs met
and all patches would still go back to the central repository.

This may also allow each BSD to adopt the new packaging system package by

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

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