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Re: Unified packages.

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Hubert Feyrer wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Chris Coleman wrote:
> > I think we could develop the same strong associations with BSD Packages as
> > with any other project.  We need to decide what the right thing to do is
> > and market the product accordingly.
> Mmm, being driven by marketing... 
> Not that I think it's important at this stage, but why not use something
> totally different, like Piece Of Software (pios), Program (prg or pgm), ...? 
> After all, we will do something (well, more or less) totally different.
>  - Hubert

	While happy using anything that works, I agree that "ports" makes
for some ambiguous converstations.  Especially when evangelizing.  
Something unique and consistent would nice.

	I don't think we have any hope of changing the culture of any one
group at this time, so I think we can and should strike out on our own for
a project/domain name.  -- By "culture" I simply mean that people are going
to call the ports/pkgs what they will for now, just as they always have.

	As long as 'cvs co -d /usr/pkg ${TheNewWay}' and 'cvs co -d
/usr/ports ${TheNewWay}' both work I think we can keep everyone happy.

	How about "portopolis" or "packagopoly"?  Eh, maybe I took too many
classical sutdies courses as an undergrad. ;-)

	Seriously though, "bsdports" works for me.  If we do this right,
"they will come."

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