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Re: Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Chris Coleman wrote:

> What about this theme.
> Universal Package Collection (UPC)
> The mascot would be a Daemon putting UPC labels on packages.

	Could be cool.  I don't know if anyone would give us grief over
both using the acronym "UPC" _and_ a repersentation of it in the logo.
Sounds dicey.

> Binary packages would be named with a standard naming convention.
> applicationname-version.arch.OS.upc
> ie, mozilla-M17.i386.Openbsd27.upc
> That way binaries are easily recoginized.

	I think we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Unless I'm mistaken all
the difficult issues to come are in the Makefile's.  i.e. The things that
make the binaries.  Perhaps "simplesources.org" would highlight the "from
source" nature of our endevour.  This sort of sidesteps the whole
port/package/app issue.

	As for compiled binary package naming, I'm quite content knowing
that yoyodyne-1.33.pkg works on the system I built it on.  For massive
archives, I'd be happier with the architecture and platform encoded in the
path prefixes.  It allows you to set your "context" with "cd" and know you
are only seeing relavent software.

> This would allow us to port to any platform any operating system.

	Theoretically we could.  Once upon a time I used to copy FreeBSD
ports and their patches onto HP-UX as a leg up on oddball software.  Don't
laugh. It did save some time. 

	For the time being, I'd like to see us stay focused on systems that
use bmake out of the box.  I think we all know which systems these are.
Otherwise we might as well port Debian's package/make system.

> This could be hosted at OpenPackages.org.

	I agree with the other person who thinigs "OpenPackages" would tend
to be awkward.  "Open" is a little overused these days as well.  If we had
"NetPacakges", "FreePackages" and so on, I could go for it.

	I'll be quite on the name issue now.  What does everyone find to be
the compelling features under their favorite version of the "ports"
hierarchy?  I'll gather these together.  I'll also try to read the pkg_*
CVS log entries to see what each the platforms and summarize.

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