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Re: Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

> > 	For the time being, I'd like to see us stay focused on systems that
> > use bmake out of the box.  I think we all know which systems these are.
> > Otherwise we might as well port Debian's package/make system.
> We should take into consideration that bmake != /usr/bin/make of any BSD
> system. make(1) seems to different on these systems, unfortunately. (Or so
> I've heared, e.g. when it comes to variable modifiers: ${FOO:x...}

the first actual "make" standard that had everything we need was SysVr3, which
is where VPATH was introduced and where dependencies could include modules from
an archive.  we ought to standardize on those features ONLY.  not bmake or
pmake or gmake.

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