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Re: Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

> On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 10:35:42AM -0500, Todd T. Fries wrote:
> > > Downloading a 10MB binary package over a 56K line just to find out that
> > > it doesn't work on your system will be quite frustrating.
> > 
> > Of course.  But if you are downloading from the directory
> > pub/bsdports/NetBSD/1.4.4/sparc/ and you are running an OpenBSD/mac68k 2.7
> > machine, I think we'd all agree it's your mistake not ours.
> How do you want to make sure that all FTP servers have exactly that
> structure?

One of the new features is going to have to be a top level "make
packages" that builds all the packages in the entire collection.  

Somehow we have to encode the OS, Release version, and Arch into the
package.  With a download directory structure, its fine to leave it out of
the name.  Without that, we should have an option to include the OS and
arch in a way that can be easily stripped off by the package tools.


Mozilla-M17.pkg -> FreeBSD-41.i386.Mozilla-M17.pkg
Mozilla-M17.pkg -> NetBSD-142.Sparc.Mozilla-M17.pkg

When pkg_add gets run, it strips off the first two sections, (as long as
they match the Arch and OS) and then pkg_info only has to recognize
Mozilla-M17 and determine if it is already installed or not.

The OS and Arch should also be encoded in one of the included files for
pkg_add to use for sanity checking.

FULL_PACKAGE_NAME=Directory would put the binaries into the proper
directory structure.


FULL_PACKAGE_NAME=NO would just create the binary as usual.

The packaging tools are going to be affected by this, so we might as well
plan for it.


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