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Will someone take this list and make it into a document to serve as a
draft of what we want to see in this project?

We need to get the technical discussions started.

 * Full support for wildcards in both "src" as well as binary pkgs
  * Some support for bulk building all packages, to ensure pkgs
    work (see
    for an example)
  * Support for Solaris (it *is* being used!)
  * A package database to findout which pkg a file belongs to
  * Installed and binary pkgs contain the size of the pkg
    in bytes. Also, the size including all required pkgs is available.
  * Pkgs can be deleted recursively, e.g. to nuke jpeg and everything
    that needs it (very handy)
  * Detection of out-of-date pkg_* tools if bsd.pkg.mk uses a feature
    that the installed pkg_* tools don't provide.
  - make 'enhancements' (read: faster, more POSIX compliant, etc..)
    from Espie (I could not hope to list them all, he's quite intimate
    the make sources atm and has done some related cleanups as well)
  - m4 enhancements (we work with autoconf through a -g flag, and other
  - enhancements to ports*mk for:
  - make-maker  (mirroring distfiles quickly)
  - fake        (tmpdir install, pkg create, pkg_add instead of
                  'raw' install w/out a package)
  - sha1/md5/cksum instead of just cksum
  - 'piecemeal' packages, aka one egcs compile & fake install
     becomes egcs-java*tgz, egcs-fortran*tgz, egcs-c++*tgz;
     kdegames is another example of this
  - flavors     (multiple targets/pkg names per package for various
                  time options. e.g.:
                   - emacs-20.3.tgz
                   - mutt-1.0.1i-curses.tgz

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

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