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Re: Benefits/Features


Less Redundancy/reduced effort:
	Currently NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD all maintain their own
separate ports/pkgsrc collections.  They all have similar functionality
and mostly the same application in them.  When one application changes, it
has to be updated in three different package collections.  Darwin doesn't
yet have a package system, but will be adopting one soon, making four
package systems that have to be maintained.

More Secure:
	When a security hole is found in a 3rd party package, it has to be
patched on three separate packaging systems, or marked broken/insecure
until someone can get to it.
	With one package system, it only has to be fixed in one place.  
	3rd party packages are not security audited by any of the
projects.  Auditing 3 separate packaging systems is not feasible.  A
single, unified packaging system could be audited more easily. 

More Features:
	Each BSD project has made enhancements to their packaging system
that the other BSDs don't have.  These enhancements make the packaging
system more secure, faster and robust.
	We are taking all the best features from each group, not the least
common denominators.

More Up-To-date packages	
	Each package is supposed to be maintained by a volunteer.   There
aren't enough volunteers for all the packages in each BSD
project. Packages that are popular and integral to BSD have a maintainer
in each BSD project.  Packages that are not so popular might have a
maintainer in one of the BSD projects, but not the others.  This leads to
stagnation and bit rot.

	A single package collection could make better use of the resources
that are already hard at work maintaining the 3 separate BSD package

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

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