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Apple has just agreed to join our project.

Sera Systems is working on getting us a box to serve as our main CVS
repository.  ETA on that is about 2-3 Weeks though.

However, we need to start making progress on the technical side of things
so we are ready for the CVS box.

So far, we have:

	Listed the benefits to the user.
	Listed several features that we want to incorporate from each
	Started a web page.
	Enlisted the support of sponsors.

What do we need to do next?

Do we need to write up a "white paper" to give the project some guide
lines?  IF so, I will pay someone to do it.

What is holding us up?  We are at the point where my marketing and
editorial skills come to an end, and the technical people need to point
out the issues and get them resolved.

If I need to find a CVS server sooner than the current ETA, let me know.

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

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