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Re: Sponsors.

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 05:44:58AM +0200, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> I also didn't get some questions I had on the OpenBSD features (what
> make enhancements, what is make-maker) answered yet. 
> Sorry if I missed these, someone please forward them to me. Thanks a lot!

Let me know if the email I forwarded doesn't explain them enough.  Two emails
with the same subject starting out the same might be potential for a 
duplicate match in some hasty comparison .. ;-)

>  * Hash out minor details like directory structure and some other
>    guidelines.
>  * Find someone to do an initial import (bsd.*.mk, pkg_*, ...)
Hmm, question.  If we use the bsdports tree to build pkg_* and install them
as a package, this means a bootstrap stage compatible with the least common
denominator until such time as the bar is raised on the least common
denominator (aka when each participating os's tools have been upgraded
for a sufficient amount of time to deem backwards compatibility historic ??)..

I hate to suggest this, but we'll either want to maintain an in-bsdports-tree
make, or have each os try to build the other's ports tree and see what
'features' are missing .. if this is even a good way to do so ..

Has everyone upgraded to egcs-2.95.2 ?  This could also be another issue...
Infact, anything that is run while building in the ports tree could be
different.  I know FreeBSD at one point was using fetch, I know we have
fetch capacity in our ftp, etc ..  

>  * Get the remaining features implemented in bsd*mk, pkg_* and the
>    pkgs/ports themselve
don't forget make ..

>  * Think about how to integrate this into existing OS'. I think something
>    like the KAME project can act as an example here.
Yes and no.  Do you realize KAME keeps a separate revision of each os
including a full kernel source tree?  I don't think we want to keep a copy
of bsdports for each os .. or do we?  Branches are ugly, ... maybe a word
from Itojun about how he enjoys dabbling across many different trees would
be useful?

There is an incredible amount of work to be done to decide what to keep and
what to merge and what to throw .. this cannot be understated .. not saying
I know there are things to throw, but surely in all the divergence over the
years, there have got to be incompatible 'features' and we can't just 'add
everything' .. in addition to the decision of how to re-integrate the work
into each os .. and if the sync'ing and creation overhead is more or less
work than maintaining a separate tree to begin with .. ;-(

Todd Fries .. todd@fries.net

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