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Re: Sponsors.


Sorry for not replying sooner.  I've been a little busy lately with my
real work.  I'm Satoshi Asami, and I manage the FreeBSD Ports
Collection.  I took over in early 1995, having inherited bsd.ports.mk
and 200+ ports from Jordan.  I think 95% of FreeBSD's bsd.ports.mk is
mine now. :)

 * From: Chris Coleman <chrisc@vmunix.com>

By the way, you can put my e-mail on the web page.  Please use

 * Satoshi San, can you give us a list of features that FreeBSD has that
 * should be incorporated into this project?

Well, to make a list of features, I need something to compare with.
Do you want me to just list stuff that are in FreeBSD and not in

 * Would it be possible for each group to just maintain a CVS checkout of our
 * CVS tree?  The cvs checkout could update only the directories that
 * completed a successful build.  Then at release time they could cvs tag
 * that checkout and use it to build packages.  I want to avoid branching
 * this project.
 * Is that senario possible, or am I dreaming?

Wow.  I think that is putting *way* too much into the structure.

I think we need one tree, where everyone puts things.  To do so any
other way, it's asking for disaster, IMO.


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