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Re: Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

On 29 Aug 2000, Satoshi - Ports Wraith - Asami wrote:
> If you guys are going for automated package creation, I can help you
> put together something like this.  If we can get enough sponsors to do
> this for all architectures for all operating systems, that would be
> majorly cool.  (Ok, maybe not, but at least the major architectures.)

Thanks for describing this, I'll have a look.
It's basically what NetBSD has as bulk build framework, without
the chroot environment, though. (We just pkg_delete -rR \* :).

The page mentions ports/INDEX - what role does that file play, and where
is it used? pkg_version? 

 - Hubert

NetBSD - because Unix isn't just #include <linux.h>, i386, ILP32, ELF, ...!

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