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Re: Naming (Re: Unified packages. )

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 01:53:22AM +0200, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Todd T. Fries wrote:
> > > NetBSD has deprecated it, though, because of the problems it leads to WRT
> > > disk space and conflicting packages.

> > 'fake' takes care of this nicely, by building packages and not installing
> > them.

> OK, Marc was kind enough to tell me a bit about fakes.
> One question i have after that is, how do you install required packages
> for that - do they go into the 'fake' area too?

Not yet.

They need to be installed for real.
Of course, this does not cover RUN_DEPENDS, but only BUILD_DEPENDS and 

With some more tweaks, it's almost certainly possible to move LIB_DEPENDS
to the fake area as well, it just hasn't been tried yet (I have thought about
it, but there are more urgent problems to cover before that).

It hasn't really been necessary, because conflicts do occur at the user
level so far, and we haven't yet met conflicting build dependencies.
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