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Re: finally subscribed

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 05:10:37PM +0200, Marc Espie wrote:
> I'm not at all interested in name bickering (packages, ports, who cares ?)

>From the FreeBSD standpoint, these two mean different things.  A port is
the set of Makefile,md5,COMMENT,DESCR,PLIST,patch-*.  A package is the
resulting product.

> One question I'm pondering: is there any reason (except historical) to
> name patches, patch-aa, patch-ab... ?

No.  In FreeBSD, I switched to naming mine patch-filename.ext (w/o
realizing that OpenBSD had too).  I maintain way too many ports and I
was tired of having to grep the patches to figure out which patch applied
to which file.

> - to speed up make (and bsd.port.mk), with very good results. The
> infrastructure  itself is about three to four times as fast as it was some

I would be *very* in interested in hearing about your make(1) and related

> I have this scheduled for OpenBSD. The main problem I see is that there
> are fairly good reasons to rewrite this in perl, which is not a problem

IMHO, you will meet with some resistance to have it written in Perl.
Many totally despise Perl.  I don't know of a single Unix developer that
hates C with any where near the passion that many hate perl.

-- David    (obrien@NUXI.com)

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