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Re: Sponsors.

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, David O'Brien wrote:
> Many FreeBSD used to depend on ports/lang/perl5 for quite some time as we
> only had perl4 in the base tree.  So you just add a dependancy on perl,
> and things Just Work.  In reality in FreeBSD, we added "USE_PERL=yes" and
> "USE_PERL5=yes" to those ports and bsd.port.mk knew if the needed
> version of perl was in the base system or not.  If not, then dependancies
> were added.

And what did you do when you had to rebuild perl?

This approach works fine as long as your bsd.p*.mk doesn't need perl.

 - Hubert

NetBSD - because Unix isn't just #include <linux.h>, i386, ILP32, ELF, ...!

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