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BSDPorts and FreshPorts

I want to plant a seed.  I'm assuming there will be a mailing list for 
bsdports which is similar to cvs-all (which is where FreshPorts gets its 
data).  I'm also assuming that you'll want a section on FreshPorts for 

Given those assumptions, I'd like to have input as to the design of the 
log messages.  At present, there are some things which I'm finding very 
difficult to achive with the existing layout of the cvs-all messages.  No 
doubt you've noticed that some log messages are incomplete and 
imports aren't handled all that gracefully.

Of course, if anyone wants to do a bit of email parsing for me, I'll be glad 
to take you up on that.
Dan Langille
The FreeBSD Diary - http://www.freebsddiary.org/
FreshPorts        - http://freshports.org/

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