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I wanted to thank everyone for joining this list and for the level headed
conversations that have been happening so far.  Things look really good.

I think everyone that needs to be on this "bootstrap" mailing list
is finally here.

We have good representation from everyone except BSDi.  They haven't
responded to my e-mail.

I think phase 1 (gathering the group and discussing features) has gone
quite well and we are entering in to phase two(Initial import of CVS,
creating mailing lists, etc)  This is where things start to happen, and we
will have to make a lot of layout/design decisions. 

I am going to give this a big awareness boost by writing about it in the
DN Editorial tomorrow.

When we enter Phase III, I'll start a big banner advertising campaign with
all of our sponsors.  We will also have to start a Bug Tracking
system.  Does anyone have any suggestions on these parts.

Chris Coleman
Daemon News  
Bringing BSD together

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