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cvs-web interface

There are two things I want the developers to keep in mind.  I've just 
been to http://www.openpackages.org/ and read the stuff at the bottom 
of the page.

As one of the sponsors, I'm very keen to get an interface to FreshPorts 
going as soon as possible.  What makes FreshPorts possible is the 
web interface to cvs (namely, the fetch command is how I get data out 
of the cvs repository).  I'm assuming this web interface will exist in our 
bsdports project.  It's easily achieved with the latest version of cvs-web.

The above, when combined with a good quality, easily-parsed cvs-all log 
message will make integration that much easier.

OH, btw, over the weekend, I did some preliminary tests on a new 
strategy for FreshPorts.  These changes allow it to handle all of the 
source tree.  Any source tree.  I figure all it takes is about a weekend of 
work and it'll be done (please, don't quote me on that).

Dan Langille
The FreeBSD Diary - http://www.freebsddiary.org/
FreshPorts        - http://freshports.org/

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