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Re: Status

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Chris Coleman wrote:
> This means that we need to make a few decisions.  
>   What to import first?

Chris, we're not done yet with sorting out things, and I'd appreciate it
if you could stop ignoring that. 

1. I'd like to see input from BSDi and Apple on some data regarding their
   OS, such as if they ship perl/ssh/openssl/X in the base.

2. We need to sort out what to do with FreeBSD 'chroot' builds vs.
   OpenBSD 'FAKE' builds. They both seem to do ~the same. For a general
   bulk build framework, I'd like to keep NetBSD's scheme in the
   background, which builds pkgs only when needed; it should probably work
   with either 'fake' and 'chroot' build.

   Are there any descriptions on how these two systems work? (I know
   there is one for the 'FAKE' builds, but I lost the URL... Marc, can
   you remind me, plesae?)

3. We need to write down what the system should look like, see
   http://www.netbsd.org/packages/Packages.txt for an example  - given
   that NetBSD's Packages Collection used to take number of FreeBSD ports
   in the start, it contains many hints for FreeBSD/port -> NetBSD/pkg

   Without a clear idea of what the system should look like, we'll all get 
   something like a "1000 monkeys" approach, which won't help us. Writing
   down all this has proven to help a lot here.

4. Integration: OK, let me throw the first stone. :)
   I'd suggest the following roadmap:

    * Sort out the above mentioned issues first(!!!)
    * We take make(1) from OpenBSD manly due to the improvements Marc
    * We import pkg_* tools and a set of pkgs from NetBSD. The reason is
      that there's wildcard support in there that to add to something else
      would be a PITA.
    * Maybe add some more tools to be consistent (lukemftp, ...)
    * We'll need some autoconf'd environment to get all these going on
      all our target platforms[1]
    * We add peacemeal pkgs and flavours from OpenBSD (mostly
      changes to bsd.pkg.mk). 
    * Add FreeBSD 'chroot' builds or OpenBSD 'fake' builds, see above
    * Using pkgtools/port2pkg, we can start migrating all FreeBSD ports.  
      This will take some time, but it's mostly mechanical work (throwing
      out MAN, ...)

Please mind that my time to work on this will be somewhat limited until
NetBSD 1.5 is out the door. Please keep also in mind that there's in
integration of PocketBSD[2]'s pkgsrc into NetBSD pkgsrc scheduled for
after 1.5 (mostly a set of applications usable for PDA devices).

[1] I'm investigating autoconfiguration of pkg_* and make(1) right now to
    get pkgsrc easier going on Solaris. 
[2] See http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/hpcmips/

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <hubertf@netbsd.org>

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