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Re: Status

Hi Wilfredo!

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Wilfredo Sanchez wrote:
> >    OS, such as if they ship perl/ssh/openssl/X in the base. 
>   We ship a pile of things in Mac OS X which are typically ports in a BSD
> base system.  For example:

No perl? No X?

>   My hope is that even the "base system" is a series of packages, and
> not just the ports, such that these packages are all independantly
> (un)installatable, upgradeable, etc.  The way Debian does this looks
> appealing, though the GPL thing kills dpkg as an option for us.

FYI, I've once made a small hack that made a binary package out of every
dir, resulting in netbsd-bin-ls-1.5 (including bin/ls and the manpage),
netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-1.5, which in turn pulled in
netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-pkg_info-1.5, etc.

Each dir that had sub-dirs was treated as a pkg that depended on these
files, and didn't have any files itself (much like e.g. NetBSD's
"kde" pkg consists of kdecode, kdebase, etc.).

> >     * We take make(1) from OpenBSD manly due to the improvements Marc 
> >       mentioned 
>   So we don't expect the make commands in NetBSD and FreeBSD to work?  I
> assume we will want to port back the needed changes to each system, then.

That's the goal, sort of what the KAME project does/did. 

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <hubertf@netbsd.org>

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