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Re: Status

On Monday, September 11, 2000, at 03:57 PM, hubertf@netbsd.org wrote:

> Hi Wilfredo! 


> No perl? No X? 

  Perl in perl of the base system; I didn't list everything.  :-)  See
CVSROOT/modules in the Darwin repository for a complete list.

  X is a "port", though we haven't really defined what than means in the
context of Darwin yet.  It will probably be bundled with the next
standalone release of Darwin, so that people can have a UI.  It will
probably never be part of Mac OS X, though.

> FYI, I've once made a small hack that made a binary package out of every 
> dir, resulting in netbsd-bin-ls-1.5 (including bin/ls and the manpage), 
> netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-1.5, which in turn pulled in 
> netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-pkg_add-1.5, 
> netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-pkg_delete-1.5, 
> netbsd-usr.sbin-pkg_install-pkg_info-1.5, etc. 

  Cool!  I think that's pretty close to what I'm looking for.

> >   So we don't expect the make commands in NetBSD and FreeBSD to work?  I 
> > assume we will want to port back the needed changes to each system, then. 
> That's the goal, sort of what the KAME project does/did.  



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Apple Computer, Inc., Core Operating System Group
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